The maples at the Japanese Garden were gorgeous.

Tuesday was Veteran’s Day, which I had off. I (for once) didn’t have anything big planned, so instead I got a lot of little jobs done.

  • Met with the dish repair person
  • Washed the dog
  • Went to the chiropractor
  • Took my art up to Oregon Society of Artists to apply for full/active membership
  • Bought some watercolor paper (I was out!)

In between doing these things, I got in a hike at Canemah.

But when I was up in Portland at OSA, Finn and I took another hike to somewhere I have never been: Washington Park. Even though it is not high season, I admired the International Rose Test Garden and then briefly explored the entrance to the Japanese Gardens (but they were closed by that time, so I couldn’t get in.)

Sometimes it just strikes me that visitors to Portland probably know more about the cool things in town than someone like me who lives here… and has lived here most of her life! I need to do things like this more often.