Trout lily (sometimes called a fawn lily)
pavisand, v.
[‘ intr. To display an impressive or opulent array of clothing and ornament; to flaunt one’s appearance.’]
Male Anna's Hummingbird
Male Anna’s Hummingbird
When this word came up in my “word of the day” a few weeks ago, I immediately thought of the tiny little male Anna’s hummingbirds that sit on top of the trees, endlessly calling to impress mates.
I intended to wait until I got a good picture of a hummer and then use the word.
But today I went for a short hike after work and realized that everything is strutting it’s stuff.
Additionally, I saw the first trout lily in bloom, which is the earliest I’ve seen this favorite flower.
Trout lily (sometimes called a fawn lily)
Trout lily (sometimes called a fawn lily)
One thought on “Pavisand”
  1. Beautiful and I enjoyed learning a new word 🙂 We used to call Trout Lilies Lamb’s Tongues. I think the Latin name is too complicated for this spring beauty: Erythronium!

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