pareidolia: the perception of apparently significant patterns or recognizable images, especially faces, in random or accidental arrangements of shapes and lines.

pareidolia: the human tendency to find patterns in experiences or sensations


A few months ago, one of my favorite artists, Kate Dardine, did a newsletter with this title. I put it in my “to do” pile for the blog, knowing that someday I’d have the right post for it.

Yes, today is that day.

I’m writing early this week, not to make up for my lateness last week, but because Key and I are going to a nosework trial tomorrow and I’ve spent the last couple days at my easel, rather than buying stuff.

Other than “Yellowstone Dancers”, I haven’t been able to focus.

“Yellowstone Dancers” – unfinished

It isn’t that I don’t want to paint; it’s that I only want to paint. To apply paint to surface. Nothing else. So… that is what I have done.

I did these “brush smoosh” people. That was satisfying.

Morning walk intepretation

I did a rather random interpretation of my morning walk.

I got out some reference photos and played with paint (using paint leftovers).

That was so much fun, I did this.

And that was so much fun, I did this. I see a horse in that one, but I need the paint to dry before I get there.

In other words, I’m playing. It’s a good feeling.