Something about this month has gotten away from me and my art posts have been shamefully light.

Painting night 5 (Feb 4), I have an excuse: I was sick.

Painting night 6 (Feb 11), I didn’t feel very inspired, so other than a couple of layers on “Shoes & Shadows” I played with a new toy, a small Gelli plate I was recently inspired to purchase due to my friend Ruth Armitage‘s posts.

I experimented with positive (the coffee cup, flower, and heart) and negative printing (the patterns and the blue heart). I then decided to turn these little paintings into valentines for my various friends, and I forgot to take pictures, except in this case (don’t know what this will be yet, but I’ll add some writing when the time is right.)

cardCircling back to painting night 7 (tonight, February 18) I can’t say I did too much. I put ANOTHER layer on “Shoes and Shadows” (there is no use showing it to you right now) and I will take it to critique tomorrow. I started a new painting tentatively scheduled for the OSA Rose show.

rosestartI also thought more about a painting I’m working on; it’s another version of the small cosmos painting I did in September that I am doing in white acrylic over an ice painting from last year. I’ll take this to critique tomorrow night too; I’m thinking about adding some orange flowers.

flowersIn other news, “Egret” did not get into the WSO Spring show, but that isn’t a huge surprise. I think it’s a good painting, so I will get it framed and enter it in the spring OSA juried show next month.


On Sunday I will drop off some paintings at the new TRAG gallery (now inside the Singer Hill Cafe) for a two month rotation.

And I need to get VERY serious about the Clackamas County Artist Exhibition program show that will be starting in three weeks! It’s my first single show and I need to have 8-10 paintings ready to go!