Tonight is my typical painting night, but I had to go to the Open Studios of Beavercreek meeting. By the time I got back, I decided to work on a few boring business details (who says art is all fun) and I have nothing “painterly” to report.

So instead, I will ask you all to mark your calendars for these current and upcoming events.

Galloping Out

My show through the Clackamas County Arts Alliance will be closing in just over four week (June 11). Please stop on by and see it.

2015postcardfront 2015postcardbackOpen Studios of Beavercreek

I signed up for this event again this year, but I will be at a different studio (details to come). Mark your calendars for June 12-14! My painting “Shoes and Shadows” is featured on the back of the postcard!

osbcpostcardAs you mark your calendars to come and view my art (and of course everyone else’s) I will leave you with this video about using art in your home. Just to say there was something artistic about today’s post.