Today “my” show began.

It started early for me, putting up signs and picking up paintings from the shipping place.

I started to see paintings floating toward the gallery…


But at 10 the fun really started with check in.

Here you see Angela Grainger and Rob Robinson examining a painting to ensure it complies with the image that was submitted to the juror.
Paintings that are different from the image submitted either need emergency reframing or are excluded from the show.
Of the 80 accepted paintings, only 78 made the cut.

WSO members came out when called, doing glamorous jobs like helping people unpack their paintings, checking paintings off lists, and generally helping the process go smoothly.

Super volunteer Mary Elle helping unpack a painting.
Super volunteer Mary Elle helping unpack a painting.

The check-in crew was AWESOME. While I ran around trying to sort out box issues, sign issues, bag issues, and key issues (essentially, just issues) they quietly and efficiently checked in 80 paintings.


Soon Clackamas Community College faculty started coming over to see what was happening.


Then the hanging committee, lead by Dyanne Locati, took over. Dyanne was around throughout the check in process, quietly placing paintings along their designated wall according to “the plan.”

Dyanne - The Boss
Dyanne – The Boss

She may look a little grim here, but I’ve never worked with a more pleasant and organized person. And it wasn’t just her. Her whole crew looked at bunch of paintings on the ground, and with the help of a few bits of paper, hung a STUNNING show.


The crew had to work around bits of plastic, fire alarms, signs, water fountains, and all sort of other things. In the end, then took 80 paintings that looked like this…


And turned them into…

Well, you’ll just have to come down and see, won’t you.

Remember, the artist reception is from 4pm-6pm on Saturday. Everyone is welcome. There will be a band, a flash mob, a little food, and some awards.

What’s not to like?