Not Sam Savitt

Today I went to Stacey Riggs‘ barn to watch the second half of a foundation workshop and her “Meet the Mustang” demo.

I took my sketchbook and vowed to work a little on my “plein air” horse technique. I know Stacey’s barn is too dark for good photos, and I am nervous about my October “Plein Air in the Paddock” workshop in Kentucky.

Not as good as Sam Savitt’s sketches, but at least I’m doing the work!

After the clinic I enjoyed Stacey’s demo with her new mustang, General George. Because it’s difficult to get picture, I was only able to capture a few of the more “slow moments.”

But only 44 days out of the corals and a week from his first competition, George looks great to me! I know Stacey is looking for help funding her competition with George, so if you are interested you can go to her Go Fund Me page.

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