No name, but beach trip was fun

Well, “little dog” still doesn’t have a name (don’t pressure me) but he has now traveled to the coast.


“Little dog” proved to have a good enough recall that he was allowed off leash for both a morning marsh hike and both trips down to the beach.


Finn has always loved the beach. In the last few years, it’s become one of the few places he still runs and romps and does play bows.


He and “little dog” paled around on the sand and rocks and had a grand time.

Saturday morning I took the dogs out to an old logging trail where “little dog” (and Finn of course) was allowed off leash again. He likes the trails… and everything else!

While we were there, we saw a rough skinned newt, a marsh wren, and several geese.

After this adventure, Mom and I picked up a friend of mine and went to Toledo for lunch and to view artist studios.

In the afternoon we went back down to the beach.


It’s possible “little dog” is now tired.