Yesterday I explored Missoula and vicinity in the morning before spending some time with relatives in the afternoon.

In in the morning, I went to a hiking are at Blue Mountain, which was beautiful, but I only saw a few birds, most of those Clark’s Nutcrackers.

However, I’m grooving on the rocks here. Very different than Oregon rocks.

This morning I got up and explored Greenough (said Green-o) Park, which was a nice little riparian park within the city limits.

There I saw American Dippers, but not too much else (lots of flickers and magpies with a squirrel thrown in for interest.)

After my walk, we packed up to move to our final destination, Hamilton. After settling into the new digs, I headed out to Lee Metcalf NWR, which is the premiere birding location in this area.

A flock of American White Pelicans was feeding in the slough.

But they weren’t the only spectacular sight.

As I was driving home, I captured this image of what I think is Blodget Canyon.