Land Lines – Day 3

Land Lines – Day 3
American pippit

Though I woke up to a beautiful sunrise, my artistic inspiration was a bit lacking today. I didn’t sleep well and my mind didn’t want to shut off from various worries.

I made a trip out to Basket Slough to get some inspiration, but when I got home did some cleaning and took a nap instead of actually painting.

Shockingly, it took a while before I had successfully procrastinated enough to go through the final day of the online workshop and sit down to paint. But, it really wasn’t my day. I did work on these two paintings, but the results are only so-so.

I started this in 2019, but I am unable to find the original version. Sorry. This is not a huge improvement (but it’s not any worse, either).

Thus ends the weekend. I’m almost glad to be getting back to work. It’s been a lot of my own thoughts the last few days!