So tonight was my self-imposed painting night. It’s been a tiring week, but I settled down to paint anyway. I was pleased with myself.

geeseI started with “Twilight Flight.” It’s hard to tell, but I added another layer of darks and the eyes to the geese. I’m still not sure what to do about the background.


ospreyI switched to my osprey painting. I filled in the talons and tweaked the shape of the beak. I need to enhance the fish, and then I may be done.



bathNext I worked on this horse painting that has been around for a while. I still have a goal of taking it up to Equine Art in July, but it’s not progressing very quickly. I went “back to the drawing board” a little today and redrew some sections. I also took off the masking. Then I got stuck again.

Finally, I moved to “Follow the Leader.” What I thought would be a simple matter of adding a horizon time, ended up being a major change. Frankly, I’m not sure for the better. I think it was a big mistake adding pink to the palette. I thought the painting wasn’t colorful enough, but I didn’t realize how colorful it was until I added another color. Now there is no going back.

leaderIt was here that I decided to stop. I wish I had stopped just one step before…