Red tailed hawk

As I said in my last post, this month I participating in NaNoWriMo. This mean that nearly all of my free time is devoted to hitting my target of 1667 words per day so that at the end of the month, I have a short novel. What I will do with said novel is anyone’s guess, but I will have done it.

Today is the 15th, so I need to be at 25,000 words. And I am delighted to report I am at 25,184 words. Right. On. Schedule.

Because I have a day job that prevents full time painting, writing, dog training, cat petting, or other enjoyable pursuits, most evenings are devoted to hitting the word count. During the week, honestly, I tend to come in a little short. So, on the weekend, I have to concentrate to catch up.

In other words, you have another couple of weeks before you see any paintings.

Yesterday, however, I did take a break in the morning to go out to Basket Slough in the hopes of seeing the Short Eared Owls that have been reported there. No dice, but I did have a lot of fun with a friend and took some photos.

The governor announced Oregon is about to go into lockdown again, so most of the activities I have been starting to enjoy again (dog training, mostly) are basically cancelled.


Here’s hoping I’ll meet you on the other side of 50,000.