So yesterday I forgot to post my painting. I did it. I took a picture. I got all my images together to create a post. And then… I guess I wandered off. Now you’ll get two days together!


Other than a meeting, I did not have anything too exciting going on Sunday. I did a bunch of errands and then went for a hike. In the first few minutes, I saw a nice red tail hawk.

I also had another item of interest on this hike: Edward. I had AirBNB guests this weekend, and they had a lovely Spring Spaniel named Edward (they also had an 18 month old girl, but I never got her name, and who cares about her anyway…)

edward edward2









As you can see, Edward enjoyed our hike too. Finn, as though in competition, was especially photogenic.

When we got home, I sat down and used one the reference photos above to do my daily painting.

21 - edwardMonday

I just worked today, took the dog for a walk, and went to Weight Watchers (minus another .8) Frankly, I’m tired and didn’t feel like painting. But I wanted to give it a try…

22 - soarOkay, the hawk needs some serious work, but I am really excited by the technique I used for the sky. My thought for this was to devote some feeling to the air under the wings of the bird… and I really like the way that part feels. But if I did a larger version, the actual raptor needs some attention.