Before I begin, let me start with a complete off course.

  1. Thank goodness for 911 and ambulances. In general, but also specifically as today my mom had cause to use both. She’s okay, but it makes you appreciate things.
  2. Mom gets total kudos because she took care of herself. And…
  3. When she told me, she did NOT dance around the subject but just told me. Massive improvement over past attempts.

Okay, back to painting.

I finished a painting!

Lately it feel like I am keeping up this blog in hopes that a painting will somehow materialize. Because my actual production has been woeful.

But tonight, painting night (so long since that thing actually happened,) I actually FINISHED A PAINTING!


I’m pretty happy with it. I’m not sure the values are just right, but I’ll take it to critique and see what they say.

I also worked on…


I have decided her little skirt will be pink with white polka dots. I adjusted her shadows. I have made no other decisions.

Learning the Ropes
Learning the Ropes

Another one I have not forgotten about. On the advice of my critique group I softened the top line of the squirrels and adjusted the darks. I decided the “rope” was too interesting and I’m trying to dial that back a bit. I am considering adding another “rope” to prevent such a straight viewing line (in-and-out was how my critique group put it.)

Finally, I took the masking off yesterday’s start and adjusted a few lines.


Let the thinking commence.

One thought on “I finished a painting (miracles do happen)”
  1. Glad to hear mom was okay. Love the paintings, especially the flowers, reminds me of the Iris that grow in my yard.

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