Facebook 3 for 5 Challenge

I’ve been asked by my friend Ruth Armitage to share three paintings a day for the next five days. ‪#‎3for5ArtChallenge‬

These are from early on in my painting career, two that I submitted for entry into the Watercolor Society of Oregon and one that I submitted for the new artist show the following year.

Part of this challenge is to nominate a fellow artist each day to share their own paintings; for this first day, I was going to nominate Kathy Tiger… but she was just nominated too.

So, adjusting my plan, I’m going to check with with the fabulous and inspiring Sandra Pearce of Sandra Pearce Fine Art to find out if she is game for the challenge. Sandra is a plein air artist and her landscapes are spectacular. She will have a big opening in a few week with Clackamas County Arts Alliance’s Art Contemplates Industry.

Boy, this challenge business is harder than it looks… I almost forgot! #3for5ArtChallenge

Today’s paintings are from 2010, a year that didn’t see a lot of painting for a variety of reasons; all three of these pieces are from workshops, though “Cool Reflections” used my own reference photo. Workshops and classes have really been what saved me from stopping painting when the going gets rough!

I’ve given a lot of thought to who to challenge, and I’m going to challenge my friend Susan B Schenk, collagist extraordinaire. I was putting up an advertisement for an upcoming collage class this evening, and was reminded how much I enjoy her work. I’m sure everyone else will as well!

After three lovely days at the beach, I’m back and onto day 3 of the ‪#‎3for5ArtChallenge‬.

2011 was another year where I didn’t get in a lot of painting, but it was a year I did more paintings outside of classes and workshops; I think the quality of the paintings went down a little because I didn’t have step by step guides, but I can also see myself exploring what I was really interested in.

Today I’d like to challenge print artist Sue Allen; she’s an established Northwest artist who inspires me with her art and as a member of the Clackamas County Arts Alliance!

Now that I have internet again, I guess I had better complete the FB #‎3for5ArtChallenge‬; I must be the person taking the longest!

Today’s art is from 2012, a year that saw a great many changes in my life. most of them bad, but the art turned out well. It was a year of some solid sales ad well as my first year competing in the Equine Art show at Emerald Downs. “Backstretch Move” won an award and “River Stallion” sold at the show.

I’ll do my best to finish this challenge tomorrow with 2013 paintings, but until then I hope you enjoy my challenge to Elizabeth Zimmerman of Western Rose Studios.

Finally, in what is probably the longest period of artists posting on this challenge, I am finishing my 3 for 5 art challenge. Two weeks… I’m not getting any prizes.

This post will take us up to 2013; in 2014 I started my blog and website, which should take viewers up through the current day.

In late 2012 I started classes with Angela Grainger and 2013 was marked by the various projects I completed with her: abstracts to realism. But my skills grew! If I felt in 2012 I started to find my style, in 2013 I felt my classes with Angela and Blue Pansy Studio helped me define it.

On this note, I challenge Angie to participate in this challenge… if she hasn’t already!

Thank you all for reading, and I hope you keep up with my current projects!