One of the things I am discovering I DON’T like about moving is having to re-find everything. For example, I am out of gas and I haven’t yet figured out where a gas station is. The grocery store is arranged funny. And I haven’t heard anything about a farmer’s market yet.

Today, I decided to leave all this behind and go exploring for a new hiking spot. On Thanksgiving Mom and I went to Ankeny Wildlife Refuge just south of town.

While we were there, we picked up a brochure that talked about the “local” areas for wildlife, listing Basket Slough (west of town) and Finley National Wildlife Refuge (which I somehow got the impression was to the east of town.)

So this morning I got up, loaded up the Finn-ster, grabbed my camera and the brochure, and took off. Fortunately, after stopping for coffee (a key component for any adventure) I realized Finley was south… much further south.

But they have a facebook page and there has been a lot of shots of a young bobcat this week, so I decided to go for it and we took off.

I’ll let my pictures do the rest of the talking.