My mom won’t like these. That’s what I tease her by saying whenever I do anything experimental or abstract. And I’m usually right. So, Mom… you’ve been warned.


As I said, I had a really good time at the WSO convention and an especially good time at the Margaret Stermer-Cox (Peggy) break out session.

To recap, I took this image…

Sketch 3: Working toward detail and mood.

And turned it into this value study…

And threatened to paint it!


One wasn’t enough, so I ended up with two versions. Both use marbled papers from the Liz Walker workshop I took a couple of years ago.

“That’s Not the Shape of My Heart” – 11″x16″ mixed media
“The Unconfidence of Pink” – 12″ x 16″ mixed media on board


I don’t think either are finished, particularly “Pink”.

There is a glare on both that makes the photos a little weird.

I learned a lot. Such as better planning is necessary. And surface matters. And being able to use black is fun!

I like them. I like where they are going.

So… Mom… sorry, there are going to be more!

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