Tonight was my weekly painting class at Anji’s. Last week we did four background techniques and this week our challenge was to turn at least one of them into a complete painting.

As usual, I overachieved a little and went to work on all four. None of them are going to make it into great pieces, but I did work out a few ideas…

Between working on these, I worked on finishing some pieces in progress. The WSO show deadline is coming up and I need to decide what to enter. And to do that, I need to FINISH some paintings.

Luckily, the last six months have been productive. However, that still doesn’t make the decision easier.

I experimented with some abstracts:

"Ripples" - 2013
“Ripples” – 2013
"Feeling Mody" - 2014
“Feeling Moody” – 2014 (unfinished version)

I’ve experimented with yupo:

"Eye to eye" - 2014 (unfinished version)
“Eye to eye” – 2014 (unfinished version)

I’ve painted some more horses:

"Distaff Divas" - 2014
“Distaff Divas” – 2014
"Trackside Discussion I" - 2014 (unfinished version)
“Trackside Discussion I” – 2014 (unfinished version)

And I won’t even show you the other pieces in progress, that didn’t work, or that I’m still thinking about.

So with all this work, you’d think I could make a decision… right?