The only constant is change

TGIF. The last couple of weeks have really taken it out of me. First, there is my new lifestyle; while I am already seeing changes and improvements such as better sleep, improved breathing, and more energy (for exercise), it has also been a mentally exhausting two weeks. At every step I have to make choices and decisions that I used to be able to autopilot through.



Additionally, through no fault of my own, work has been challenging due to a variety of other employees leaving. This means that new things have been placed on my agenda. While I like change, it is undeniably an exhausting process.

It’s also amazing how having a commitment on one additional day a week (Mondays, Weight Watchers) cuts back on the rest time. And, in some ways, it isn’t going to get better. I am moving my painting class to Wednesdays so I can take the every-other-Tuesday Sound Equine Options volunteer class. This leaves Friday as my only week night without a commitment.

Finally the weather has decided to be… well… whatever. We’ve had rain, thunder, hail, lightening, wind, and sun. Sometimes all in the same hour. Outdoors has not been as welcoming as it has in other parts of the world.

But tonight I got home, grabbed the dog and the camera, and took off for Canemah. The Finn-ster was overjoyed.

It’s been nine days since I’ve been to Canemah, and the camas bloom is definitely over. But there are lots of other flowers blooming, including the cutest little tiny upside-down cone flowers.


It rained hard during our walk. Finn didn’t mind, but I admit to having (and using) an umbrella.

gallerywineWhen we got home I paused a moment in the garage to admire my newly installed “gallery” (really more a way to store art without damaging it). And then I poured myself a glass of wine. It really has been a long week.