Listen for the Signal

A charette (pronounced “shuh-ret”) is an intense period of design activity. The word charette comes from the French word for “cart” or “chariot” and is sometimes spelled “charrette.” The term is thought to have originated in the 1800s at the famous Parisian art school, the École des Beaux Arts, when professors would circulate a cart, or “charette,” to collect final artwork while students worked feverishly to meet the deadline.

Thanks to Liz Walker for the title of today’s post.

Win some, lose some

Well, this week has been a mixed bag on an artist front. Neither of my submitted paintings, “The  Gift of Friendship” or “The Unconfidence of Pink 2” were selected by the fall WSO juror. I know I’m in good company as several of my artistic heroes also did not get in (though my friend, Sandra Pearce, did! Good job!)

Adding insult to injury, I forgot for a mere 60 minutes that Saturday opened the registration for the WSO Fall Convention; by the time I registered, the Judy Hoiness break out session had already filled! WAAAAAA! I immediately asked to go on the wait list (is it wrong to hope someone gets a cold…) and I signed up for other cool things as well.

Finished from the pile

I had a three day weekend, as I do every so often, so on Friday I spent some time sorting through my studio and then even was in the mood to–gasp–finish a painting! So, I  chose this one which had been lingering around since November.

Listen for the Signal

Warning! Another PG-13 Post!

Saturday, having found my supplies again in my studio, I ventured off to life drawing. I didn’t get a picture of my actual charcoal sketches, but I will say this pose didn’t appeal to me as much as last week’s. In the first session I did a variety of sketches, then pulled out my paints.

I started out with a relatively simple study, trying to do a “reverse thirds” background (light to dark, not dark to light). I thought I got some nice skin tones and suggestive marks.

Long Slim Back

With the next attempt, I decided to focus on the area that appealed most to me.

Hands and Tatoo

I should have focused a little more because this is the better crop.

Hands on Thigh

I was a little bored with the traditional feel of these two, so I decided to do a little experimentation and did this one.

When I’m Gray

Out of curiosity, I converted it to gray to see the values a little better.

Interesting. I see where I could have gone stronger and also more consistent.

Finally, I did a face painting.

I think I need to fully darken the hair and add an earring. Unlike last week’s face, this one looks quite a bit like her.

Update on the dog saga

As I posted about on Wednesday, I’m sort of a fool when it comes to dogs. (The last five words of that statement could also be removed and be completely true). I am delighted to report that tensions have eased quite a bit. This weekend I’ve been around to provide a lot of exercise and also to supervise everyone pretty closely. Friday I had the house divided into zones, but today I’ve been experimenting with having everyone free, but absolutely NO food or any other high value items. Before those come out, so do the kennels and barriers.

On Friday I took the dogs on a long hike. During this, there were many things Bandit wanted to chase. It got me thinking, so Friday evening I took the dogs out to a lure coursing outfit just outside of town called “Mr Baggie”. Key tried, and while it was interested in chasing the “lure” (a white plastic bag tied to a string that went in a large loop via a motor), he was a little hesitant. However, Bandit thought this was THE BEST THING EVER!

Bandit & Mr. Baggie (Tara’s foot, too)

It was the first night that everyone slept as though they were really tired.

As they say… a tired dog is a good dog.

Beach house updated

I finished this post and even shared it to FB, but then I remembered one last important update I wanted to share. As I reported previously, a water line did serious damage to Mom’s house at the beach. While it quickly became clear that the damage would necessitate some changes, I clung to the hope that some things could be saved.

Alas, after all the estimates came in and the experts consulted, it didn’t make sense to cling to the past. So, it looks like the kitchen will be getting a complete redo. Whopee (she says with no enthusiasm).


Work begins next week.