Trust (I don't know why this is so hazy. I think my camera needs to be cleaned.)

After I finished yesterday’s post, it occurred to me that there were more than a few art things that I hadn’t mentioned.

Yellowstone Dancers

After finishing Yellowstone Dancers, I entered it in the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies. I feel like that is the next “level” I should work on.

“Yellowstone Dancers” – 30″ x 22″ (2022)

It was promptly rejected. Based on the quality of what did get in, I sort of agree with the juror. I still love this piece, however, so I’ll keep looking for another place to show it.

Salem Reads

The Salem Reads event is going on through the end of February. This year they have posted the art show online, so if you are interested, follow the earlier link. There is also an interview with several of the artists (including me) that you might enjoy. Most excitingly, however, my painting SOLD!

“Standing Zazen” – 16″ x 12″


The annual International Society of Experimental Artists “Making Our Marks” members show is happening. I entered again this year. Because it’s a member show, everything gets in. But it’s still fun to look at!

“Wishes and White Horses”

WSO – Rejected!

I entered two paintings in the WSO Spring Exhibition. I’ve been doing really well at getting into WSO shows, so I was due for a failure. And I wasn’t too shocked when I got the “unfortunately” letter; I just had a feeling.

The show looks amazing. It’s always an honor just to get in, and as I said… I was due for a fail. It’s just one juror’s opinion on one day. Besides, it gives me a chance to re-read Ruth Armitage’s excellent blog on failure.

Other Shows & Events

I am still waiting on the NWWS show, but I’m not holding my breath.

I am finalizing my entries for the AAEA Spring Member Show: Horses at Leisure. It’s another member show, so I’m guaranteed to get something in. But it makes a great excuse to keep painting.

I could decide to switch out one of these with a couple other paintings I have going, but right now I think I’m set.

I’d also like to enter something in the Preakness Art of Racing show (total longshot). If I can get “Warm Spaces” (below) sorted out, I think these two would be worth a shot.

Finally, work continues (amidst the whining) on my Alaska AIR application. I only have a week left to finish it, so I better get a move on!

So, once again, I’m hoping that’s caught up. Fingers crossed!

3 thoughts on “Caught up and still dropped it”
  1. Hi Tara! I enjoyed looking at your paintings. I particularly like the buffaloes . And, I think some of your horses must be particularly challenging – the views aren’t easy. I didn’t get accepted into WSOs Spring Show either. I liked my piece and thought (and still think) it said what I wanted it to say. Not my turn. Reserve Power is cool

  2. Well I feel better now. I missed the date for NWWS and rejected at WSO. Just get back to it. Right? Looks like a good week all in all.


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