Sorry for being so quiet over the last week or so. This cold is hanging on. At this point I really can’t tell if it’s still the cold, or allergies. On the news they are showing the area as “red” for allergy suffers. Haying is going on everywhere. But as I’m still not 100%, we’ll call it a combination of factors.

As I mentioned, I turned in “Arranged” to the Oregon Society of Artists show and I am pleased to report it got in. It didn’t win any prizes (competition was stiff), but being in the show is still something I’m proud of.

Galloping Out” came down on Thursday, just in time for me to turn around and take my paintings out to Open Studios of Beavercreek. Today (Friday) was my first day out at Jodi Dann‘s; the setting is idylic, with bluebirds (litterally, Western Bluebirds) flitting around and swallows gliding along. They are baling the hay in the next feild over, and a pair of vultures hung out for a while, and that was another fun time.

I must admit to being completely jealous of Jodi’s studio. It’s a small, independent building, and so lovely with skylights and beams. I think everyone who came by today thought about building one for themselves.


I sold four paintings, including “Between Classes”, with a nibble on a fifth. To me that’s pretty good as I haven’t been painting too much lately and didn’t have a lot of new “smalls” to put out.


I am still trying to get in my Wednesday paint nights, but this cold has not been helpful. Of course, now that I’m on deadline, “Comin'” is top of my list to get finished. I hope to finish this today or tomorrow and take it to critique group next week. Once finished, my Equine Art trio will be finished.


Because I’m having such a difficult time with my painting, I started on a project where my goal is simply to apply paint to paper. I start out with a squiggle and then apply paint. I’m realizing that I’m most attracted to soft and lost edges; that’s something that I don’t do so well in my art, so I think it’s a good experiment both for technique and exploration.

Jodi’s studio seems to be a little slower than Connie’s, so I may bring my paint out to the show tomorrow. I hope you’ll consider swinging by and seeing me.

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