Once again I have gotten myself into deadline crunch with painting. There is solid evidence that it is the only way I get things done.

However, I cannot show it to you yet (reveal on Monday).

Sufficient to say that at the end of today’s endeavors I was left with extra acrylic paint. Obviously, that is a problem. So I went looking for something to use it on.

This ice painting start was selected.

Now, this might not look like a good ice painting. In fact, it was one of the ones from the day it was too warm.

But I sort of like the texture at the left edge. I decided that was the bottom.

I drew a horizon (mentally) and went to work.

Now, foolishly, I did not take a picture of my first step where I added the original left over paint, which was pink. But after I got going, I decided I liked what it was doing. And then I got another idea. So I went to blue. And then this happened…

It kind of started to marble…

Now it’s drying and I’m hoping all the effect stays. Because if it does, I think I have a landscape. I’m going to name it “Seven Possibilities”.

Here’s a very rough sketch.

If you can’t figure out where the seven part of the title comes from, I’ll give you a hint: Trappist-1.