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At least part of the reason I have had so much trouble blogging the last few months is that i have been having camera problems.

If I had the money, I would love to buy one of those big cameras with the really long lens; however, as I live on quite a tight budget (those dogs think they need to be fed EVERY day), I “make due” with a point and shoot that my parents gave me and a bigger camera on permanent “loan” from my mom.

Last summer, when I went on the float trip with my work colleagues, my big camera got wet, in spite of my precautions. Nikon does not like to fix wet cameras, so it has taken me about a year to get re-equipped.

On Thursday the last piece of the puzzle, an auto-focus working telephoto lens came via the mail (I love my postal workers!) and I’ve spent my extra time photographing everything that caught my eye.

At the park

On a hike

But seriously, I’ve taken pictures of a few more things.


A bald eagle for Independence Day.
A bald eagle for Independence Day.
Siletz Bay
Siletz Bay

As you might be able to tell, I went down to see my mom this weekend. Key and I got up early (neither Finn or Mom gets up early anymore) to go on a hike where I lucked out on warbler viewing.

Hermit Warbler

Orange Crowned Warbler


Wilson’s Warbler

Not Warblers

It feels good to have a camera again!

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