At this point, I’m going to blame my continuing vague discontent on the weather. It’s as reasonable as anything else. It’s another Sunday and I’m contemplating my work (quite a bit, actually) with interest in continuing (why does Monday have to follow Sunday?) but no real satisfaction.


Last week I showed off a small 8″x8″ canvas that I had started as a circle exercise I had seen in a magazine or something.

This is an exercise on an 8″x8″ canvas i will turn into the Aritsts in Action fundraiser as the World Beat Festival.

The next stage, I thought, would be adding a contrasting color. I will spare you the details, but this layer didn’t go well. So, I decided to add some “gold leaf.” No bad, but it needed a little bit of something else, so I added some black.

I can’t decide if it’s getting better or worse.

Extra paint

In sparing you the detail of the contrasting color gone wrong, I will tell you that there was A LOT of extra naphthol red paint to be used up. So, I thought I’d see how one of my new aqua board held up. When there was still more paint, I did some Gelli plate printing. I liked those, so I did some collage. And then some “gold leaf” because it was out.

I think I may stick to watercolors.

Grid of Hooves

I had an idea when I was listening to juror Fran Larsen’s lecture on Sunday. I wrote it down, but this is my first attempt at trying it.

It was a good exercise because I can see my inconsistency of paint mixing. I also wasn’t daring enough with my layout.


At work this week, I was talking to a guy and asked about his dog. He showed me some pictures and video he took and I asked him if he would send me one particular picture because I really liked the play of light and dark on it.

Saturday night I just sat down and banged out this 15″x11″ piece. I need some ponder time to make some tweaks. And it was the first painting I’ve done in three colors since starting this latest “process” and I can feel the┬ánaphthol red is just too much.

Still, I kind of like it. I can’t decide whether to name it “The Red Hedgehog” or just “Friends”.


2 thoughts on “Blame it on the weather”
  1. The Red Toy? Between Friends? Playdate?
    (Love Hedgehog s, but red hedgehog gave me gruesome thoughts maybe that’s just me?)
    Love it Tara! You are on a roll!

    1. I showed it to someone else and they said the same thing… “Is it meat?” I think it’s going to become a green hedgehog.

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