Behind the art

I didn’t get a chance to do my weekly artistic post on Sunday because by the time I got done with all the things I had to do, I didn’t have time to edit photos and write.

With that said, I have no new art to show, though I spent a thoroughly artist weekend.

Critique group

I took a few of my recent series of paintings to critique group. They were encouraging, including encouraging me not to wimp out. I heard about various artist workshops where the artist had encourage of series of at least 100 paintings. I’ve done seven.

Reference photos

From there I went to the Cherry Blossom festival here in town, which is a celebration of all things cherry ad well as Salem’s sister city in Japan. Kawagoe. It’s a great opportunity for gathering reference photos.

Additionally, the Salem Capital Building allows tours to the upper deck to get a view of Salem and admire our golden pioneer.

Ordering paper

Sunday I spent my artist time ordering frame and placing a big order for watercolor paper. While not exactly visually interesting, both things are an important part of the artist process.

So, my apologies about not having new things to show you, but sometimes you have to conduct a little business first.