Today, after work, I made my way across the river to the Oregon Convention Center to view the Gathering of the Guilds. This huge event encompasses the Oregon Potters Association Ceramic Showcase and is flanked by the Creative Metal Arts Guild, Oregon Glass Guild, Guild of Oregon Woodworkers, Portland Bead Society, and Portland Handweavers Guild.

A stunning display by Ted Ernst.

A stunning display by Ted Ernst.

As I was walking through the OPA show, I pondered how different people’s tastes are. I am attracted to the fabulous, dull earth tones in pottery. However, many people prefer the more bright glasses now available.

This display showcases bright colors and shiny glazes.

This display showcases bright colors and shiny glazes.

In most other art forms I enjoy bright colors, but in pottery it’s the deeper tones that make my mouth water.

Of course, I am me. I was delighted to see my favorite artist, Anthony Gordon of Chimera Clay Studio, had progressed from being in the showcase to having his own booth. The last two years I have loved his horse sculptures, last year’s being a particular favorite. This year he had several horses on display, but this blue bronze one was my favorite. I need to remember to save up my money for next year!


Horse by Anthony Gordon of ChimeraClay Studio

Another favorite artist is Jan Rentanaar. His horses have a more Asian flair, but they are still gorgeous.


Asian-inspired horse by Jan Rentanaar

Ceramic artists push the boundaries of their art in many ways. The way glazes merge together reminds me of watercolor, and many artists are now specifically creating wall hangings.

paintingBut it’s the combination of art and utility that gets me every time. I purchased two items: a lovely turquoise yarn bowl and a small stand for holding toothbrushes. Not as artistic as last year’s purchases, but I love them anyway.