For the last five years I’ve had a family of swallows nesting outside my office window. I love this. I love the swooping of the parents, the cries of the babies, the briefness of the whole affair.


This year the nesting has been later than normal; based on my records, the swallows nested about 10 days later than in other years.

Tonight I went out and took pictures of the near-fledglings. I think they’ll fledge in the nest day or two.

This year I was able to use my new camera that can take pictures more quickly. I got some great shots. Including this one of a VERY full mouth.

fedThese swallows are my favorite thing about summer. I’ll be sorry when they leave, though they’ll hang around looking all fluffy for a few weeks.

This post by Anna Blake, Muck Meditation on Swallows, posted at Anna Blake Blog, is a beautiful description of these beautiful birds.