aestive, adj.
[‘ Of or belonging to summer; hot, burning.’]

Yesterday I did my last official event of the summer, the First City Celebration. The event was somewhat mixed; low sales and a mediocre turnout, but I did get a couple of good contacts. Here is a picture of my booth with my friend Mary Margaret and her lovely jewelry posting in the corner.

boothToday I put the house back in order, stored my booth supplies, and did some weeding. If this was all I had to post about, it wouldn’t be a very exciting post.

But this is the last weekend before the due date for the Fall WSO convention. After some angst, I’ve decided to put “Sizing Up the Competion” and “Twlght Flight” in as my entries.

“Sizing Up the Competition” – 2014
“Twilight Flight” – 2014

I’m a little unsure about the crop on “Twilight Flight”, so if anyone has an opinion, feel free to let me know.

I also thought I’d post some works in progress… just so you would all know I am working (slowly….)

"The Blue Halter" (tentative title) - unfinished
“The Blue Halter” (tentative title) – unfinished
“Strike a Pose” – almost finished
“Please” – almost finished
"Between Classe" - unfinished
“Between Classes” – unfinished
"Eri" or "Cheese Love" or "Attention" (title undecided) - unfinished
“Eri” or “Cheese Love” or “Attention” (title undecided) – unfinished

I’m trying to beef up my pet portraits portfolio, so “The Blue Halter”, “Please”, and “Eri/Cheese Love/Attention” are pretty much going directly to the owners of the actual pets. But the pieces will fill in some holes in my portfolio, so that will be good. I might keep “The Blue Halter” for a while; I intend it to be an example piece for pet portrait donations I make to Sound Equine Options.

“Please” and “Strike a Pose” are also supposed to be rather whimsical pieces, as opposed to serious paintings. Pieces like this feel like a palette cleanser after working so hard to get things just right.


P.S. Oh… in case anyone was wondering, Stacey Riggs got 2nd place (Reserve Champion) at the Extreme Mustang Makeover. This is her second “Reserve Championship” this year. I am thrilled for her, but I hope she doesn’t get bridesmaid syndrome.

Stacey and Noname during their final freestyle event. From the picture, I'm guessing she did some "mounted shooting" type of stuff. Pretty cool.
Stacey and Noname during their final freestyle event. From the picture, I’m guessing she did some “mounted shooting” type of stuff. Pretty cool.