This week has been a big goose egg as far as artistic endeavers go. I wasn’t feeling well for most of it, and though I did go to critique group on Thursday, I still haven’t taken their suggestions, so I have nothing to show you there.

This (three day) weekend I have been hard at work on a variety of household projects that needed to be done, but have no blog merit.

So the best I can give you is my pictures from unloading my camera where I recorded various hikes this week.

Wednesday – Oregon City Trail

Friday – Metro Area

Sunday – Canemah

Monday – Canemah

A fun story about this hike. I was a little ways into my hike and two ladies came along with big binoculars. They appeared to be bird watchers so I asked them if they had seen anything interesting. They rattled off a few species, but they hadn’t seen the GHO. So I showed them some good spots, and my owl actually cooperated by showing up for them.

Turned out they were from the Audubon society doing a little scouting for future trips for their volunteers.