Last evening I went to my painting class (on my regular Tuesday I went out to take a groundwork class for Sound Equine Options) and discovered that I am very close to finishing a generous plenty of paintings.

This is a good thing because the WSO deadline (yes, I’ve mentioned this before) is coming up swiftly.

7 paintings at or very near completion... of course the one in the front is just a start
7 paintings at or very near completion… of course the one in the front is just a start

A few weeks ago I remember thinking I had too many paintings on the go and worried I wouldn’t get anything done by the deadline.

But last night, looking down the list of finished paintings, I felt a different worry. I’m going to have to start something new!

This weekend I will take some serious photos and put those up. The dolphin painting (“Eye Contact”) I’ll frame for myself. I think the yoga painting (“Nameste”) I think I’ll give to my yoga teacher as a present (it’s based on a photo I took of her at the end of a class).

Newest finish: "Nameste"
Newest finish: “Nameste”

I was so close to finishing, actually, I actually “started” on a painting from my ice starts I made in December.

With this much progress in the year, I’m hopeful it will be a successful year as well.