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  1. Loved seeing the pictures from Ona Beach and am looking forward to seeing your whale watching pictures too. Have you explored North Beavercreek Road (opposite Ona Beach)? It goes to what is now called Brian Booth State Park (formerly Beavercreek State Park). I have not been there for several years. They used to serve warm cookies at the center where they had a birding center and spotting scopes set up—-with which to view birds or to look down to the river for the elk. In the summertime they also gave kayak tours along Beavercreek to Ona Beach which were touted for the birding and wildlife watching. I didn’t have a chance to go on one of the tours, but it sounded like something I would have loved to try.
    Thanks too for the updates and schedule for the construction on the beach house. It’s coming together! I’m so glad you kept the house; it’s a wonderful base for all kinds of daily adventures at hand and also a retreat from city pressures and the work-a-day world.

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