More playing the tourist

Today my work friends and I went down to Pioneer Square to admire the Holiday preparations. One of my favorite downtown features has already made an appearance: Ugly Sweater PDX. I love Portland.

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Random update on a Sunday

I haven’t posted much since getting back from Kentucky because I’ve kind of been in a funky state of trying to get caught up and up to date and also get my breath back. But life definitely moves on, and as several things have happened, consider this post a way to get caught up! I found out I was accepted…

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Another last minute addition

“If it wasn’t for the last minute, nothing would get done.” — Rita Mae Brown I am working on expanding the pet portrait part of my business. I though a great way to do this, and support a good cause, would be to give a custom pet portrait to the Poker for Ponies auction for Sound Equine Options (happening on…

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Plein Air in the Paddock – Day 2

On this second day of painting class I resolved to get up extra early to get some exercise shots on the track and walk around “behind the scenes” to get some reference shots and ideas for paintings. Keeneland is wonderful because they really allow a lot of access to barns. Of course, by arriving at 6:00 am I was too…

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Don Choate: September 12, 1940 to October 1, 2014

My dad, Don Choate, passed away early Wednesday morning. While his passing wasn’t a shock, it was more sudden than expected. My mom and I have taken care of the immediate arrangements and are planning a memorial service sometime in November. Thank you in advance to all well wishers and fellow mourners. Both Mom and I would like a few…

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O.F.F.F. (the photo essay)

Clearly I shouldn’t be leaving the house as early as I did today; I forgot my camera. However, my wonderful friend Arminda played photographer today. Also, she gave me a ride (no parking hassles) and loaned her daughter, Clover, to pack things. I totally lucked out on this deal! That’s really the best you can do?

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Cheating (ever so slightly…)

Tonight I am forced to cheat a little on my painting a day challenge. 1. I did do a painting (technically a mixed media) but it is currently covered in rocks waiting to dry. I will show it to you soon. 2. I started another painting, but the project above prevented me from getting more done on it due to…

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Red & a Rant

Today on my “Walk the dog everyday” challenge, the bonus was to be inspired by something red. I was a little short on inspiration, so I went looking through my reference photos and came across a horse in a red halter that inspired my little painter’s heart. I like this well enough I’m thinking about doing a bigger version where…

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Just a few updates

I (finally) finished the sleeves on my sweater. It seems like it took forever, but as I said, I’m trying to look at it like my weight loss project and just keep plugging away. Next I’ll start on the front, then put it all together, and do the button band. Speaking of weight loss, I have officially passed the 50lbs…

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