Finally a moment

It’s been a week since I had a moment to sit down, let alone write. Frankly, it’s been a little TOO busy around here, and I’m glad to be facing a three-day weekend to tackle a few things. Almost every day this week I’ve had something I meant to write about, but it’s just been

The courage to post my anchor

Last week Weight Watchers’ topic was: “The Power of an Anchor.” The program encouraged users to think about something that keep them inspired to stay on the program and thus meet weight loss goals. The first thing that popped into my mind on this topic was horses. I sort of started this because I would

Dreams, wishes & work

California Chrome won the Preakness. Stacey and General George made the top 10 and will do their freestyle. One goal down, two to go. And I finished a 5K walk. I work for Multnomah County, which has been doing a series of heart awareness events. This is where I won my Nike Fuel and new

Horse Madness

This is one of my favorite times of year for many reasons, not the least of which is that it is Triple Crown season. It’s like March Madness, except with horses! This year a horse named California Chrome swept the Kentucky Derby two weeks ago. He’s definitely the horse to beat in tomorrow’s Preakness and


So today I went to the Sound Equine Option’s Ride to Provide Horse Show as a vendor for my art. My goal was to do a dry run of my booth and maybe to get a couple of equine portrait commissions. I arrived and discovered that my booth wouldn’t work. The vendor area was really

Work in Progress

I haven’t had a lot to write about this week because I have been concentrating on other matters. On Monday I joined Weight Watchers. I announced this on my Facebook account, but I (weirdly) wasn’t sure about putting it on my blog. It somehow seemed so permanent, but I need to find ways to hold

Art Talk

Last Saturday (a week ago) I went to “Art Talk” with Patricia Schmidt. This is a new series of classes that Patricia has designed, intended to help artists like me move to the next level with guided critique and analysis of our paintings. I brought two paintings: “Sizing Up the Competition” and “Delight” (title possibly

Not Sam Savitt

Today I went to Stacey Riggs‘ barn to watch the second half of a foundation workshop and her “Meet the Mustang” demo. I took my sketchbook and vowed to work a little on my “plein air” horse technique. I know Stacey’s barn is too dark for good photos, and I am nervous about my October

Green and blue

On Saturday I went out to Sound Equine Options (SEO) to muck stalls. There are seven residents at this barn (I know that SEO has about 50 horses in total in their care, but most are in foster homes) and I do half the stalls any given day. When I enter the barn I love