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Commissioning a Pet Portrait

I prefer to have a variety of photos for your paintings. If possible, an in-person meeting with the subject can help a lot. Photos of different animals can be combined in one painting. I cannot use professionally taken photos without written permission.

Photographs to be used must be focused, close up for detail, well exposed and of good color and quality. They must also be distortion free.

Horses must be clean and preferably short coated. For conformation paintings the horse must be standing and lighted the way you would like them to be in the painting.

Dogs must be clean and groomed, unless the painting is to be of the dog in action or in the field. Try to have the pose and lighting you would like in the painting.

There are changes that can be made to the photographs to be shown in the final painting. Things such as fixing a halter or mane, different equipment, etc are possible, just let me know and we can discuss what is able to be done.

For deceased animals, it may not be possible to have an ideal photo, but if there are several photos, we may find something to work with.

Try to send as many photos of the subject as possible, showing coloring, personality, etc. This will show as many sides of the animal as possible and help me get insight to the animal’s personality.


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