Unless otherwise noted, all pieces are transparent watercolor.

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Chummey 2017 $25 Workshop piece
Zoe 2017 sold Commission
Cosmo 2017 sold Commission
The Green Hedgehog 2018 sold
Simon 2018 sold
the-sunworshiper The Sunworshiper 2016 sold
the-enthusiast The Enthusiast 2016 sold
Weiner's Circle Weiner’s Circle 2015 sold “Weiner’s Circle” was inspired by a reference photo taken at Emerald Downs of their Weiner Dog Races. I don’t know if this dog won anything, but I think his owner’s arms are the real prize.
 10877576_747382265353229_171587586_n Targus 2015 sold Commission
 10888284_747382198686569_1233601574_n Zoot 2015 sold Commission
"Wilson" - 2013 Wilson 2013 sold
"Scarlet Maccaw" - 2011 Greenwing Macaw 2011 $50
Bodie - 2010 Bodie 2012 sold
"Mika" - 2009 Mika 2009 sold
"Joey" - 2008 Joey
2008 sold
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