Unless otherwise noted, all paintings are transparent watercolor. To view a larger image of any of these paintings, click on the thumbnail image at left.






The Big Boy 2018 $25 oil on acetate
Heavy Step 2018 $25 oil on acetate
Focus 2018 $25
Green Bison 2019 $50 Acrylic on gesso board
Scent of Season
2017 $250
 learningtheropes Learning the Ropes 2016 sold
 bear Bear  2015 $25
 rp_eyecontact-300x186.jpg Eye Contact  2014 $100 Transparent watercolor on Yupo.
"Mule Deer" - 2012 Mule Deer 2012 sold
"Purple Alpaca" - 2011 Purple Alpaca  2011 sold


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