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Why I won’t let one up get me down

Today was weigh in day and for the first time since starting my lifestyle change endeavor I was up. Now, last week was not a bad week for me, so this was a little surprising. I didn’t go over my points and I exercised every day. However, it was also not a great week for …

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Remember the knitting when loosing weight

I’ve been a little blue today for no particularly good reason. Today is also weigh-in day, but I was expecting good things and I wasn’t disappointed. Another loss for a total of 29.6 lbs obliterated! Unfortunately, I still have a long ways to go. That distance is very daunting and a little voice starts to …

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The courage to post my anchor

Last week Weight Watchers’ topic was: “The Power of an Anchor.” The program encouraged users to think about something that keep them inspired to stay on the program and thus meet weight loss goals. The first thing that popped into my mind on this topic was horses. I sort of started this because I would …

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Dreams, wishes & work

California Chrome won the Preakness. Stacey and General George made the top 10 and will do their freestyle. One goal down, two to go. And I finished a 5K walk. I work for Multnomah County, which has been doing a series of heart awareness events. This is where I won my Nike Fuel and new …

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I’m not weighing my soul

Today is weigh-in day. Last week I lost a good chunk of weight for my first weigh-in, and that has helped make this week easier—that and not having a caffeine withdrawal headache all week. Not that this week has been easy; I went grocery shopping yesterday and at one point found myself in the candy …

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Work in Progress

I haven’t had a lot to write about this week because I have been concentrating on other matters. On Monday I joined Weight Watchers. I announced this on my Facebook account, but I (weirdly) wasn’t sure about putting it on my blog. It somehow seemed so permanent, but I need to find ways to hold …

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