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May 05

Memes to keep me going

I’ve been on Weight Watchers now for a year and two weeks. In that time I have lost 82 lbs. All that is great. But for the last six months I have been stalled. Since about when my dad died, it’s been up and down. While a lot of good habits have stuck (exercising, eating …

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Apr 01

Resolutions vs. Goals – Doing Less

Today I enjoyed my last day of unemployment / stay-cation by playing golf, getting a massage, and running a few errands. I’m now packed up for the first day of work tomorrow. The last few days have helped me take a deep breath, and here are a few of my thoughts. A couple of weeks …

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Mar 31

Stay-cation or unemployment?

I’ve been quiet on the blogging front the last week because I’ve been focused on projecting a facade of a reasonable, sensible adult. It’s hard on the best of days, but the last week truly tested me. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I have accepted a new position with the State of Oregon, …

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Jan 07

Remember the knitting when loosing weight: Volume 2

A few of you might remember my original post “Remember the knitting when loosing weight.” Last week I finished my sweater “Zora” and I have been prancing around showing it off; last night at Weight Watchers was no exception. I showed it off and bragged about how all the stitches represented the many (MANY) changes …

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Jan 01

The obligatory year end post

In the last year I’ve spent a lot of time looking at other people’s blogs, getting ideas about what I’m doing right, wrong, and everything in between. If you read a lot of blogs, this time of year you’ll notice a pattern: EVERYONE is recapping their year and planning for the next. To be fair, …

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Nov 27

Making progress

Happy Thanksgiving! This year I’m having a bit of a non-traditional Thanksgiving. Neither my mom or me felt like really “doing” Thanksgiving this year, and It didn’t make a lot of sense to go see my mom for less than a day, so I’m staying at home for the day. But it’s been a busy …

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Nov 10

Random update on a Sunday

I haven’t posted much since getting back from Kentucky because I’ve kind of been in a funky state of trying to get caught up and up to date and also get my breath back. But life definitely moves on, and as several things have happened, consider this post a way to get caught up! I …

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Sep 21

opsimath (or me dealing with the aftermath of shopping)

opsimath, n. [‘ A person who begins to learn or study late in life.’] Today was a busy one for me. I got up, made a quick run to the Farmer’s Market, went to a class, then ran to the TRAG gallery for a shift. After that ended I picked up my friend JJ and …

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Aug 25

Just a few updates

I (finally) finished the sleeves on my sweater. It seems like it took forever, but as I said, I’m trying to look at it like my weight loss project and just keep plugging away. Next I’ll start on the front, then put it all together, and do the button band. Speaking of weight loss, I …

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Jul 29

I was afraid of this

I am just entering the extremely busy season at work. This is my second year going through the “year end” process (Multnomah County, like most governments, has a fiscal year calendar that goes from July 1-June 30) and while this year is going more smoothly than last, it’s no walk in the park. Today I …

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