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Confused about my fairy tale identity

Tomorrow a handyperson arrives to do some minor home repairs. Yes, they are minor… but I still want them done the way I want them done. The difficulty in finding someone to: a) do my repairs, b) do them in a cost-effective way, and, c) do them the way I want them done has been …

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No, I haven’t disappeared

It’s been almost a month since I posted, which since starting this blog, is the longest I’ve ever taken a break. I have no real reason just lots of excuses. I may try to catch what audience I have left up tomorrow. In the meantime, my new dog’s name is Key. And here are some …

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The difficulty of choosing a name

People at work are making fun of me because I have not yet chose a name for my new dog. I mean, I’ve only had him four days! As I mentioned, this is his third adoption. He’s previously had the names “Sarge” and “Shorty.” I hate both of those names. Initially, I liked the name …

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Corgi found

Well, I think there may be something ironic about this, but meet my new friend (name to be announced.) Yesterday, when I was doing the research for my post, I came across “Shorty” at the Three Rivers Humane Society. As you can see, he’s adorable and they said he was good with cats, so I …

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Searching for a corgi

There are times I am a bit naive. I have an idea about how the world works and then I find out that my idea has no relationship to reality. I never would have thought to feel betrayed about the world of dog rescue, but disillusioned is exactly what I am feeling. Background Reading It’s …

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The great crunchy lentil soup debacle

Last week was not a week I wanted to write about. I just feel lucky I survived it. The bruises, burns, and injuries will take longer to heal; the food poisoning was over quickly. Unfortunately, I’m not kidding. So, each February the Governor of Oregon challenges his/her employees to a food drive. Each agency then …

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The world’s best thank you note

There is a bird on the front of this card.

A weekend to fix puppy-hungry

I have been puppy-hungry lately. Not really “puppy” hungry so much as “dog” hungry. Finn is getting older and has never been the most overtly affectionate dog and I’ve been feeling the desire to add someone else to the household. This weekend a co-worker asked me if I would be willing to take care of …

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2016 Goal List

Painting Keep painting Write more exclusively about art in my blog Enter both WSO shows April October Enter OSA Shows June – Rose Show Do an Artbiz course Enter the Equine Art Show (Emerald Downs) July Submit to the AAEA Show June Deadline Continue to work on my lifestyle improvement project Go to Weight Watchers …

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2015 Recap

It is definitely that time of year. In the blogging world, bloggers are posting recaps and plans for the new year. Facebook is filled with “Year in Review” and “Most” lists. So, obviously, I have to post my own accomplishments. The 2015 List (Accomplishments in red) (sortofs in purple) Painting Keep painting Write more exclusively …

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