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November has always been a big month for anniversaries and other celebrations in my family. Over the years it has become a little more bittersweet as we have had a few deaths near the holidays that we also remember. This year I am adding another milestone to our November calendar. Today marks one year since …

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The Incident

As odd as this is, I’ve been thinking a lot about this incident. Either it’s the final straw before I have a psychotic breakdown, and therefore my team of psychiatrists should know about it before I am taking to the hospital, or it’s definitive proof that the civilization has ended. Sunday I went to church. …

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Apparently no one reads minds

So… It’s over. The convention. The workshop. It’s all over. Or that’s my story as I work my way through a list of final things to do: Write thank you notes (more…) Turn in wrap-up articles (more…) Unpack art supplies Catch up on blog Take the dogs for a walk before they call the humane …

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Class: Messy Palette Club (week 2)

This week, specifically by Thursday, I have to finish a “mini-book” for my writing and illustrating class. So, in an attempt to clear my schedule, I did this week’s homework for the Messy Palette Club (Vinita Pappas) because that had to be done by Tuesday and then I could procrastinate. The overarching theme of this …

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And I wonder why I’m exhausted

Today (Sunday, day of rest) I have done the following: Got up Walked the dogs Got my haircut Picked up an item at the store Went to pet store (twice, actually) because the kids think they need to be fed every day Bought groceries Finished my week 2 painting class homework Gone to library Went …

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Crazy cat lady retires and puts away her cape

As I mentioned, for the last few months I have been working on trapping and releasing members of a feral cat colony in an “abandoned” house down the road from me using a grant for residents of 97301 to have their cats spayed or neutered for free. At the end of June, my quest had …

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How to create a meltdown – 2nd edition

Almost a year ago, I wrote this blog post. Today, having a similar day and mentally writing about it all day, I looked it up. I was surprised it was so close to exactly a year ago. Maybe this is just an annual event? Apparently annual update on how to create a meltdown 1. Be …

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Un-caped crusader?

I have a sometimes exhausting list of things I am protesting. Frankly, even I get lost sometimes. Here’s a short list of the top issues: Puppy mill pets (dogs, cats, horses, ferrets…) Plastic bags (this has morphed in bags in general) T-shirts at charity events (or other giveaways) (they end up in the landfill and …

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Goodbye, Bella


After work expedition

After work I felt like a tiny drive, so I loaded up the dogs and headed south to find someplace to take everyone out for a run… Or walk with lots of rolling… Or sneezy hike… Depending on age and species.

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