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At the 11th hour

I have finished “Shoes & Shadows.” I have ten paintings packed up and ready to go. But UPS has failed me and the last piece won’t go because the “glass” is stuck in a snowstorm in the Midwest. Overall, I’m gonna call this a win.

5 things to catch up on an eventful week

Aside from a variety of interesting painting happenings this last week (supposedly what this website is about…) my life had a variety of non-art but still interesting developments that I wanted to document. 5. I finished weeding Okay, no one has EVER actually, truthfully, said this. But I came close on Sunday. 4. I went …

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More playing the tourist

Today my work friends and I went down to Pioneer Square to admire the Holiday preparations. One of my favorite downtown features has already made an appearance: Ugly Sweater PDX. I love Portland.

opsimath (or me dealing with the aftermath of shopping)

opsimath, n. [‘ A person who begins to learn or study late in life.’] Today was a busy one for me. I got up, made a quick run to the Farmer’s Market, went to a class, then ran to the TRAG gallery for a shift. After that ended I picked up my friend JJ and …

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runcation, n.: The action or an act of weeding. Also occas.: the action of rooting. There are many jokes about Oregon and summer and rain. “Oregonians don’t tan, we rust.” “Oregon summer: the best two weeks of the year.” Question:  “What do you call two straight days of rain in Portland?” Answer:  “A weekend.” “It …

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