Milestone Wanderer

Last Friday (Dec. 20), I took off on an epic trip to Monterey, California, and back. 1500+ miles of driving in 8 days. The main goal was to a) avoid the holidays, and b) see birds. I managed to do a spectacular job at both. Day 1 – To Redding This day the goal was

The camera got a workout

Back in September I wrote a post about a weekend down at the beach and promised to post photos of one of the adventures, a whale watching tour, “the next day.” Sincerely apologies. Life got away from me. To recap, on September 13, I went on a whale watching tour with Whale Research EcoExcursions, who

JJ, take the wheel

A couple of months ago I decided I need a vacation from attending the Watercolor Society of Oregon conventions (twice a year in April and October.) After putting one on, I was tired. I didn’t get a painting into this show, and I knew it would be extra big and fancy because it was combined

The odd fish of the sea

Today I went back to Two Step, ensuring that my whole trip is sandwiched between two excellent snorkels (with some really good ones in between.) I saw a variety of unusual fish. First, there was the strip-humped bubblemaker. Next, the unusual amphibian six-legged dog paddler. Finally, most frightening, while I was watching a cleaning station…

Keauhou & He’eia Bay

This morning I felt a little out of sorts, so I didn’t go for a big adventure. Instead I just went about a block south to a site my book labeled as “B”. I would agree with that rating, but I still had fun. I saw a Scrawled Filefish (a new one for me.) There

Around the island

Today it was very windy and I decided to abandon snorkeling attempts to drive around the island and visit the much hyped volcano I have not seen so far in my two other trips. I started south. And at a photo stop this MONARCH BUTTERFLY posed for me! I have never seen one before, but


Today I woke up and decided to try my luck up north, snorkeling at one of the big hotels’ beach called Kauna’oa Beach. Last time I went there it was gorgeous and I saw so many fish, but my camera decided to quit, so I couldn’t post much about it. Unfortunately, there had been a

The slower you go, the more you see

I am on vacation. In Hawaii. The big island. Oh, man, did I need this. Of course, when I’m over here, it’s all snorkel, all the time. Yesterday I got off the plan and jumped into Kahalu’u while f]waiting for my time share to open for check in. A couple hours in the water did

Playing tourist in my home town

Tuesday was Veteran’s Day, which I had off. I (for once) didn’t have anything big planned, so instead I got a lot of little jobs done. Met with the dish repair person Washed the dog Went to the chiropractor Took my art up to Oregon Society of Artists to apply for full/active membership Bought some