JJ, take the wheel

A couple of months ago I decided I need a vacation from attending the Watercolor Society of Oregon conventions (twice a year in April and October.) After putting one on, I was tired. I didn’t get a painting into this show, and I knew it would be extra big and fancy because it was combined

High fiber weekend

This weekend was the 2017 Rose City Yarn Crawl. It has been a few years since I really invested in this event, but this year I did the Knit Along in preparation for a long day of yarn shopping. I invited members of my (not often attended) Salem knitting group and a very nice knitter

First time with feeling

Aside from the seriousness of the issues surround the Women’s March on Washington, this week has been quite entertaining as my Facebook feed has been flooded with clever signs and knitting. Today was the actual day of the march, and as I’m still not feeling 100% (stupid pneumonia) I decided to attend the Salem march.

Anxiety over a hat

I am not much of a protester. It isn’t that I don’t have a list of things I am protesting, but I tend to be a sort of middle-of-the-road person. For the past several weeks I have been attempting to muster my courage and attend one of the many local “Women’s March on Washington” events

The myth of catching up

I had a goal this weekend. I was going to catch up and then get some painting done, taking advantage of the energy I felt coming off Margaret Godfrey‘s workshop. Here’s what I did today. Spent an extra hour in bed petting the dogs and cat (mistake?) Went for a walk in the park with

Not a single photo to show for it

The last week has literally carried me all around the state. When I was hired at OWEB, one of the exciting parts of my job was an opportunity to travel around the state doing financial trainings for grantees. After months of prep, this week (and next) are high training periods. Last week I went to

A weekend… spent

There are some weekends that are so enjoyable you wish you could do over again. And then there are weekends like this. Saturday morning: Golf When my dad died a few months ago, I took his golf clubs and various golf things. When I was in high school I played a lot of golf, usually

The “free” weekend

So, unusually, I had a free weekend. I had nothing scheduled, nothing to go to, nothing committed. For once, I wasn’t behind on some project and most things were in a stable state. What should I do? Too much. Saturday I got up and went to the farmer’s market, then headed out to Sound Equine

The community of warm fuzzy friends

Today I traveled up to Tacoma, Washington, for the Madrona Fiber Arts with the Traveling Ewe. This may seem like an unusual way to spend a precious vacation day, but Madrona is is a bit of a cultural phenomenon among knitters and is a festival renowned for its high caliber of classes. The classes are


Today I went on the “Salem Stitch Hunt” by Traveling Ewe. The description of the day, from the welcome email, is as follows. I am so looking forward to our trip on Saturday! We will be leaving from the Wilsonville City Hall at 9am sharp. There is plenty of free and easy parking and we