The ‘Ove’ Glove Meltdown

Right now, if you take any 15 minute segment of my time at home, there is at least one instance of me trying desperately to remember, within about 6 feet, where the most likely place for any given item might be. Dishes. Papers. Medicines. Clothes. Food. The dog (probably near the food…) I consider myself

My way

When I was a “rebellious” teen, it used to absolutely infuriate me that whenever I would leave the house, my dad would tell me to put on my coat. It did matter if it was -20° or a balmy 65°. “You should put on a coat,” he would tell me as a was going out


November 4, 2018 My mom, Maggie, came up to visit me. She arrived and went out to lunch, did a little shopping, and then went out to dinner. We watched a movie at home that evening. The reason for her visit was to go to the doctor’s on Monday for her annual oncologist visit .

Chasing Envelopes

Last week a friend mentioned an art event just down the road (Albany) from me called Northwest Art and Air. I looked it up and it looked like fun, so when a friend wanted to get together for dinner Friday night I suggested we go to the “glow” event. Little did we know! Traffic was

Goodbye, house.

Last Friday morning I signed the papers to sell my little house on Glacier St. in Oregon City. I’d like to say that this post has been held up because of deep angst about that, but the fact is I’ve just been too busy, and when not too busy, mildly insane. (So what’s new?) That

Derby Weekend update

Somehow Kentucky Derby weekend has come and gone without a pre-blog on my site. It wasn’t that I wasn’t paying attention; with Facebook it’s been all Derby, all the time. I just haven’t had much to say. This year none of the horses had really “caught my fancy” the way California Chrome did last year.

Stay-cation or unemployment?

I’ve been quiet on the blogging front the last week because I’ve been focused on projecting a facade of a reasonable, sensible adult. It’s hard on the best of days, but the last week truly tested me. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I have accepted a new position with the State of Oregon,


At the last Open Studios of Beavercreek I hung out at the home of Connie Veenker for Open Studios of Beavercreek. I also shared space with another artist, Larry Baird of Not Too Far From Here Photography. As you might guess, Larry is a photographer and I heard a lot of great stories over the

Don Wayne Choate

Another free photo slideshow by Smilebox Don Wayne Choate by Margaret Choate Don Wayne Choate was born September 12, 1940, in Mason City, Washington, to Jake and Virginia Choate. Don used to say that his mom was a John Wayne fan, and that’s why he was named Don Wayne. Don’t know if it was true,

Random update on a Sunday

I haven’t posted much since getting back from Kentucky because I’ve kind of been in a funky state of trying to get caught up and up to date and also get my breath back. But life definitely moves on, and as several things have happened, consider this post a way to get caught up! I