Sauvie Island “Big” Paint Out

The idea of the big paint out is to paint on a big canvas–but that is just a suggestion, not a requirement. ~  Celeste Bergin, Alla Prima Portland   I went to bed last night with two possible plans. Plan A: Stick around the house, do some more painting, possibly break out my new marbling

Learning to Paint Like Tara Choate

“Painting is easy when you don’t know how, but very difficult when you do.” ~Edgar Degas “Painting was easy, until I learned how. I have been having such angst about my work. I guess that is a good thing, as it keep me engaged, and growing. But why does it have to be so mentally

Deadlines inspire me

Next Saturday I need to take three paintings, finished and framed, to the Paint the Town drop off.  You know me… there is nothing like a deadline to get me into the studio! After some evaluation, I decided on finishing these three paintings. On the left is the “almost” version, on the right the “done”

Chasing Envelopes

Last week a friend mentioned an art event just down the road (Albany) from me called Northwest Art and Air. I looked it up and it looked like fun, so when a friend wanted to get together for dinner Friday night I suggested we go to the “glow” event. Little did we know! Traffic was

What does drawing mean to me?

As I have mentioned (lol) I spent last Saturday-Monday taking a drawing workshop with Ruth Buchanan at the Oregon Society of Artists. Recently the Artists Network published a GREAT article on this same topic: 10 Approaches to Drawing. My post will focus on my own development; please see the article for the details of the techniques

Painting with a pal

Yesterday, my friend Sandra Pearce came down to Salem and we scoped out a spot for her to demo when she does a paint out for the Watercolor Society of Oregon fall convention in October. We had listed Minto Brown as the site, but we hadn’t yet nailed down the specifics. The specifics needed to

The Little Workshop that Could

A little over a year ago, I took a workshop with English equestrian artist Ruth Buchanan that I cannot say enough nice things about. After a few weeks had passed and I had recovered my composure (it’s hard work learning new things and having an idol come to stay with you), I asked if Ruth

Just do something different

This has been a weekend that turned out nothing like I expected it to. First, my plans for Saturday fell through not once but three times! Second, my small cold of last week has morphed into a sinus infection that is just not friendly. And third, I painted. A lot. Probably because I have been


It was a big week in my art word. The Willamette Valley Lavender Festival concluded (I get a break from purple!) with the show over the weekend. My non-painting friend, Miriam, and I attended the reception Friday night and met up with my painting friends Sandra Pearce, Susan Spears, and  Cathy Cramer. To my shock