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Ankeny Hill (Paint the Town 2018)

As I have been threatening, it’s now official the start of plein air season. Next weekend I am getting together with Sandra Pearce and others to do the Willamette Valley Lavender Festival paint out. This weekend was the first time I was able to go to Artist in Action’s Paint the Town event. I acted …

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As I said in yesterday’s post, I’ve focused this weekend on getting my studio organized. Of course, adding storage for my paper doesn’t fix the mess of unfinished paintings that are hanging around my studio (not including starts). Today I took pictures of all my unfinished paintings and came up with a gallery of 31 …

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Camping and strawberries

As a follow up to last year’s highly enjoyable trip to the Allen Spring Campground, I made another reservation for the same weekend this year and Friday went over to this fabulous campground near Sisters, Oregon. This year a friend, Gretchen, came with me. Gretchen is a birder as well, and we planned to hit …

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The first weekend of summer

It’s that first divine weekend of summer. What did I do? Stayed at home, naturally. My mom and I always discuss our plans to stay off the highway this particular weekend. I had a busy weekend, though. I did an “overnight foster” (really weekend) for a dog from Marion County Dog Control. Meet Toby. Toby …

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Out in the open air

As I said in yesterday’s post, I had a GREAT time with all my birding out in La Grande at the Ladd’s Marsh Bird Festival. In addition to my birding, I joined a group of painters from Art Center East to paint en plein air out at the bird watching sites. In other words, I …

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The evolution of a harmless painting

I have a major case of the “I don’t want to” blues tonight, so I’ll show you what I can do if left unsupervised.  

Painting with intention (or the opposite)

Several times this week I had thought about sitting down to paint, but there has always been some other job that seemed more pressing. But, I told myself, I’ll do it this weekend. I didn’t have time to paint on Friday. I meant to paint Saturday. And Sunday got off to a slow start, but …

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Blame it on the weather

At this point, I’m going to blame my continuing vague discontent on the weather. It’s as reasonable as anything else. It’s another Sunday and I’m contemplating my work (quite a bit, actually) with interest in continuing (why does Monday have to follow Sunday?) but no real satisfaction. Circles Last week I showed off a small …

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Vaguely frustrated

It’s Sunday night. After a three-day weekend spend attempting to reassemble my life from the chaos of the last couple of week, I have a clean house, a tired dog, and a vaguely frustrated state of mind. A few days ago, I was doing something and I realized that I felt good. There was no …

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Let the edges move

Warning: This is a PG13 post. This weekend I went to the Watercolor Society of Oregon‘s Spring Convention in Florence, Oregon. I was lucky enough that my painting “Should the turkey cross the road?” was selected for inclusion in the show by esteemed jurorĀ  Fran Larsen, but I usually try to go the the conventions, …

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