Know when to give up

So tonight was my self-imposed painting night. It’s been a tiring week, but I settled down to paint anyway. I was pleased with myself. I started with “Twilight Flight.” It’s hard to tell, but I added another layer of darks and the eyes to the geese. I’m still not sure what to do about the

Paint me!

Someone recently asked me how long it takes me to complete a painting. Every artist has heard this question and has their own response, the most realistic being “it took as long as it took.” For me, I would guesstimate it takes me about two months from “first paint on the paper” to “signature”. Sometimes

The only constant is change

TGIF. The last couple of weeks have really taken it out of me. First, there is my new lifestyle; while I am already seeing changes and improvements such as better sleep, improved breathing, and more energy (for exercise), it has also been a mentally exhausting two weeks. At every step I have to make choices


So today I went to the Sound Equine Option’s Ride to Provide Horse Show as a vendor for my art. My goal was to do a dry run of my booth and maybe to get a couple of equine portrait commissions. I arrived and discovered that my booth wouldn’t work. The vendor area was really


Today, after work, I made my way across the river to the Oregon Convention Center to view the Gathering of the Guilds. This huge event encompasses the Oregon Potters Association Ceramic Showcase and is flanked by the Creative Metal Arts Guild, Oregon Glass Guild, Guild of Oregon Woodworkers, Portland Bead Society, and Portland Handweavers Guild.

Apparently I can’t K.I.S.S.

Last evening I began a marathon framing session. My $200+ order for frames and mats came in and I set up the living room… and dining room… and kitchen… to get some matting and framing done. Two hours resulted in three framed pieces and one matted image. I have four more paintings to do tonight,

Work in Progress

I haven’t had a lot to write about this week because I have been concentrating on other matters. On Monday I joined Weight Watchers. I announced this on my Facebook account, but I (weirdly) wasn’t sure about putting it on my blog. It somehow seemed so permanent, but I need to find ways to hold

The stories I tell

About a year ago I went out to the Woodburn Tulip festival with my family. We had a good time, but they wanted to do more shopping than I did, so I staked out a nice shady spot and people watched for a while. People watching is a delightful sport. It’s a lot like watching

Art Talk

Last Saturday (a week ago) I went to “Art Talk” with Patricia Schmidt. This is a new series of classes that Patricia has designed, intended to help artists like me move to the next level with guided critique and analysis of our paintings. I brought two paintings: “Sizing Up the Competition” and “Delight” (title possibly