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Oct 15

The extra bedroom

I grew up in a three-bedroom/1-bath house. We always had an extra bedroom that I was relegated to whenever my grandparents came over. As a teenager I remember being fascinated by that room and it’s haphazard contents: sewing items, old textbooks, photographs, old computers. I remember wondering why my mom (sorry, Mom) didn’t DO something …

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Sep 11


I spent the weekend in what my mom always called “putzing” mode. I didn’t do anything exciting, but I certainly did a lot of little projects. After the exhaustion of Friday, I slept well and then slept in Saturday morning. After (finally) getting up and walking the dog, I hit the Farmer’s market. Apples are …

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Aug 21

Studio recovery

Thank you all for your kind words, calls, stop bys, and other support from my last post. I process things with this blog, and occasionally, well, it’s just not the cheerful artist tone I’m trying for. But among my goals for the weekend was to put my studio back together. After “only” an hour an …

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Aug 07

The melted artist

Greetings from Oregon which is currently imitating Arizona, Nevada, or possibly the Sahara. Seriously. For the last week, we have been experiencing record-setting triple digit highs: 106, 104, or 108 depending on where you were. It was so hot that my porch got up to 94 degrees one day, event with the fan plugged in …

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Jul 27

Eventful times

It’s been a week since the Ruth Buchanan workshop and I feel like I’m getting back to “real” life finally. Equine Art 2017 No prizes or sales this year at Equine Art 2017 at Emerald Downs. Of course, I couldn’t attend because of the workshop, but from the names of the winning artists, it looks …

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Jul 19

Workshop accomplished

Six months ago I was checking out my Facebook feed, which is typically filled with birds, horses, dogs, and art. One of my favorite artists, Ruth Buchanan, posted about lining up her 2017 workshop schedule. I took a chance and contacted her to ask if she ever did workshops in America, thinking if given enough …

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Jul 10

Down to the wire

It has been a busy week, art-wise, and looks to continue that way. Unfortunately, that means a lot of work for me that I just might not survive! Case in point, Thursday i had to leave work early to drive up to Newberg to turn in two paintings for the Willamette Valley Lavender Festival. Later …

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Jul 05

Due dates

Happy July 4th! I spent my day trying to catch up on the myriad painting deadlines that are bearing down on me with their relentless demands. Lavender Festival (July 7-9) i finalized the last details and tags for my paintings for the Willamette Valley Lavender Festival. Thursday afternoon I’ll trundle over to Newberg and drop …

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Jul 03

Manual labor

This weekend has been about manual labor. Saturday I had a plan. And six hours later, the plan had become this. For any readers not friends with me on Facebook, I’m redoing my front yard. On Saturday, the last of the forms came off the new walkways, fill dirt was brought in, and we begun …

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Jun 26

Blogging is cool and smells like lavender

As a people, Oregonians are equipped to deal with rain, not heat. When it gets hot, we melt. We melt especially painfully when it goes from raining to 100+ degrees inside a short number of days. This is the current state of the dog. The cat is already so thin (he’s old) that he may …

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