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Feb 28

How to Paint a Parasol (Key Gotcha-versary edition)

For some reason, the momma said we couldn’t do a video blog. Something about “a voice that pierced the ears.” I don’t understand. I just have a lot to say! Well, it’s been a year since I met the momma. I like her. She can be a little weird about tickling my feet, but everyone …

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Feb 26

Why I cannot be left alone with extra paint

Once again I have gotten myself into deadline crunch with painting. There is solid evidence that it is the only way I get things done. However, I cannot show it to you yet (reveal on Monday). Sufficient to say that at the end of today’s endeavors I was left with extra acrylic paint. Obviously, that …

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Feb 15

Scent of Season

Just for a change, I thought I’d do an art post tonight. Quelle surprise! Many moons ago, you may remember that I did a little ice painting. I showed you the start of a piece I called “Elk.” Now it’s title is “Scent of Season” and it might need a couple more tweaks, but it’s …

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Dec 19

Occasionally it’s just a cold way to paint

Last night I got ally my paint and paper ready for another round of ice painting. I was so happy with Friday night’s work that I had some ideas for a few more paintings. What I didn’t realize that was (according to the records) it was only 33 degrees (I thought it felt warmer.) Comp[are …

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Dec 17

How to have fun in the cold

Well, folks, Oregon has decided to do it’s leap year impersonation of Alaska. Wednesday we got about four inches of snow (enough to pretty much crash the state) and since then it’s been COLD! The snow has evaporated or melted some, but each evening everything freezes up again and now we have various levels of …

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Dec 11

Still working on it

As I said in A Bold Goal, I am still working on finishing paintings and have some more to show off. Based on the feedback from Done?, I decide to add a bird to “Confidence.” I also worked on taking my critique group’s advice and I think I’m done with “Chasing Dark.” Another critique group …

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Nov 30


I’m needing an opinion, folks. Today, I decided to tackle “Confidence” last seen here.   I didn’t update you all about the stage where her skirt was red (with polka dots) standing on a beach. When I took it to my critique group they encouraged me to fix the horizon. And, though they didn’t comment …

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Nov 28

A bold goal

Well, folks, back to our regularly scheduled painting program. A Single Goal This weekend I had a goal. And it had nothing to do with shopping or decorating or turkey (though those things did enter into the picture.) No, my goal was about getting organized. The purpose of getting organized was to reveal a project …

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Nov 20

Another year, another 6×6 painting

Since 2009 I have contributed a 6×6 painting to the Audubon Society of Portland’s Wild Art Festival. This year I painted a young pileated woodpecker I met over the 4th of July weekend. As I have said before, I find this project a way to experiment and also to assess my art skills. In 2009 …

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Nov 06

Resetting my inner clock

Late last week my boss came to me and asked where the October report was. I looked at her dumbfounded. “It’s October?” I’m not sure why this was a shock to me. I should have figured out it was October when my convention happened. But after all that was over, it’s like I went into …

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