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Remember to say “Finish”!

This weekend Key and I went down to Grants Pass for a nosework trial. This will be his fourth trial this year, plus the ORT in January. This time he was competing for a Nosework 2 title. Saturday sights We drove down early on Saturday morning because I wanted to volunteer at the NW1 trial …

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A nose work tale

As I told you back in January, I have been training Key in the noble game of K9 Nose Work®. In January, Key successfully navigated his Odor Recognition Trial (ORT) and a few weeks later, a little bit by accident, we picked up a Nosework 1 title (NW1). “NW1, NW2 and NW3 titles are granted …

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Birch, Anise, and Clove

Yesterday I told you all where we went, but today I plan to talk about WHY we went there. Since March of last year, Key and I have been taking scent work classes. The basic idea is that the dog learns the handler wants him to find particular odors, then does his best to find …

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Goodbye, Finn

Today I said goodbye to my darling Finn. October 14, 2001 – April 19, 2017 2001 I got Finn from a rescue. His parents had come in during a drug best, and they had gone to a friend of a friend’s rescue. Finn was one of the two surviving pups. How could I not fall …

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After work expedition

After work I felt like a tiny drive, so I loaded up the dogs and headed south to find someplace to take everyone out for a run… Or walk with lots of rolling… Or sneezy hike… Depending on age and species.

The difficulty of choosing a name

People at work are making fun of me because I have not yet chose a name for my new dog. I mean, I’ve only had him four days! As I mentioned, this is his third adoption. He’s previously had the names “Sarge” and “Shorty.” I hate both of those names. Initially, I liked the name …

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Corgi found

Well, I think there may be something ironic about this, but meet my new friend (name to be announced.) Yesterday, when I was doing the research for my post, I came across “Shorty” at the Three Rivers Humane Society. As you can see, he’s adorable and they said he was good with cats, so I …

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Searching for a corgi

There are times I am a bit naive. I have an idea about how the world works and then I find out that my idea has no relationship to reality. I never would have thought to feel betrayed about the world of dog rescue, but disillusioned is exactly what I am feeling. Background Reading It’s …

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The world’s best thank you note

There is a bird on the front of this card.

A weekend to fix puppy-hungry

I have been puppy-hungry lately. Not really “puppy” hungry so much as “dog” hungry. Finn is getting older and has never been the most overtly affectionate dog and I’ve been feeling the desire to add someone else to the household. This weekend a co-worker asked me if I would be willing to take care of …

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