5 things to catch up on an eventful week

Aside from a variety of interesting painting happenings this last week (supposedly what this website is about…) my life had a variety of non-art but still interesting developments that I wanted to document. 5. I finished weeding Okay, no one has EVER actually, truthfully, said this. But I came close on Sunday. 4. I went

A weekend… spent

There are some weekends that are so enjoyable you wish you could do over again. And then there are weekends like this. Saturday morning: Golf When my dad died a few months ago, I took his golf clubs and various golf things. When I was in high school I played a lot of golf, usually

The “free” weekend

So, unusually, I had a free weekend. I had nothing scheduled, nothing to go to, nothing committed. For once, I wasn’t behind on some project and most things were in a stable state. What should I do? Too much. Saturday I got up and went to the farmer’s market, then headed out to Sound Equine

The community of warm fuzzy friends

Today I traveled up to Tacoma, Washington, for the Madrona Fiber Arts with the Traveling Ewe. This may seem like an unusual way to spend a precious vacation day, but Madrona is is a bit of a cultural phenomenon among knitters and is a festival renowned for its high caliber of classes. The classes are


Today I went on the “Salem Stitch Hunt” by Traveling Ewe. The description of the day, from the welcome email, is as follows. I am so looking forward to our trip on Saturday! We will be leaving from the Wilsonville City Hall at 9am sharp. There is plenty of free and easy parking and we

A good start to the year

My New Year’s tale, actually begins very late in 2014. December 31 I stayed up late to finish the sweater I have been working on the better part of year (since February 28 to be specific.) My goal was to finish it in 2014, and I did… if I had been in Hawaii. Actually, I

Wahclella Falls

The breakneck pace of summer and autumn is fading, and Friday night when i checked Facebook, I saw an invite from one of the nature pages to go on a hike to Wahclella Falls. I marked it on my calendar and decided to go. Finn, of course, said he was in, and we got up


At the last Open Studios of Beavercreek I hung out at the home of Connie Veenker for Open Studios of Beavercreek. I also shared space with another artist, Larry Baird of Not Too Far From Here Photography. As you might guess, Larry is a photographer and I heard a lot of great stories over the